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Illustration Chronicles explores a history of illustration through the images, illustrators and events of the past 175 years. Every few months the site picks a topic to explore. These topics inspire the types of work that get selected and once a piece has been chosen, the year it was made gets marked off the project timeline.

Illustration is a fascinating subject and yet its history is rarely told. This project aims to champion the medium and bring some inspiration, insight and knowledge to readers everywhere.

To learn more about Illustration Chronicles you can read a more detailed introduction here. You can also find interviews about the project on the 100 Archive and on Totally Dublin.

About the author

Born in Dublin, Philip Kennedy works as an illustrator, writer and educator. He started Illustration Chronicles in May of 2016 with an aim of celebrating the discipline's rich and diverse history.

Through his work as an illustrator, he has collaborated with clients on a broad range of projects, including editorial work, comics, album covers and educational resources.

His love of history has seen him work in a number of museums, including Dublin's Chester Beatty, the National Gallery of Ireland, London's Design Museum and the British Museum. As a writer, he has produced educational materials for museums and written online about contemporary art and design. His debut book, The Bird, will be published in late-2021.

Having lived and worked in various European cities, he currently is based in Dublin where he lecturers in Illustration at the city's National College of Art & Design.

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